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Kalman jewlery package design
Kalman Jewelry on top of a stone



For over 30 years, Kalman has worked to bring up the very best in every client. To show each and everyone’s self-esteem through the shine of a ring, or the sparkle of a necklace under the sun and the brightest moon.



By doing what we do best: turning rough gemstone into dazzling jewelry.

Located at the Israeli Diamonds Center in Ramat Gan, Kalman is an Israeli boutique that does custom made jewelry, doing private showings with a wide selection of classic and high diamonds and gemstones, as well as experts that can give free gemology consultations.


If you are ready to exhibit your true self - It will be our pleasure to help you choose the right piece of jewelry, accompanying you from beginning to the end of your journey...

But, again, how? Well, you can see it for yourself, on our Personal Design page.

So, present to the world who you really are... Fierce, alive and beautiful. Guaranteed for life.

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