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All About Diamonds

עודכן: 1 בנוב׳ 2020


Diamonds were always here, accompanying human kind as it grew stronger, brighter. When it was discovered, about 3000 years ago, for the many centuries that followed it was appreciated as the most perfect of precious stones, being of great value to society. And it continues to do so, even today.

It is a hard mineral constituted of pure carbon. A single element, which, alone, can mean nothing, but it's crystallization process made all the difference.

Explanation about diamonds

The jewel is formed in the depths of the earth, about 150 to 250 kilometers underground, under the influence of very high pressures combined with high temperatures: 1000, 1500o Celsius, usually below the oldest continental plates.

Its procedure can be difficult, tiresome: it is level 10-, the highest difficulty level of materials in nature. But the gains are many, turning it, also, into the hardest and most shiny mineral in the world.

Considered a natural treasure, the diamond is first and foremost among the gems.

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