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About defects and broken pieces

If a defect is discovered, the jewelry must be returned to Kalman store for inspection. Only experts will determine if the defect is due to normal wear or extraordinary circumstances.

When jewelry under the lifetime guarantee is sent to the Kalman Jewelry store, it is inspected only by the master team jewelry expert, who determines whether any repairs are needed. If repairs are required, but those are not covered under the lifetime guarantee, the company reports to the customer any necessary repair required, prior to implementing it. Kalman Jewels will be sure to inform the customer if the repair does or does not fall within the bounds of the warranty. Click for more.

What the warranty does not cover?

The warranty does not cover re-sizes, loss or theft of the jewelry in part or its entirety.

Any jewelry re-sized or altered in any way by a 3rd party not under the ownership of Kalman Jewelry, or without the authorization of the company, will forfeit the warranty. 



Billing Policy

In order to make your purchase as easy as possible, Kalman Jewels accepts a number of different payment methods that can be made through a Bank Transfer, PayPal or any major Credit Card. Further information about the different payment methods available should be found within the 'Checkout' of any product on the website. Warning: the prices may vary depending on the payment method used. Click for more.



Delivery and Shipping Policy


Delivery is complimentary for all orders. Please allow 8-10 working days to receive your order. Customized pieces may take longer.

For additional  information go to shipping and return policies.



How can I verify the status of my order?


You may contact us if needed be. Our hours of business are Sunday to Thursday (10:00-18:00) and Friday (10:00-13:00). We are closed on weekends and Public Holidays in IL.

Return Policy

You can return the piece to the store, but not if it's custom made. The return has to be made within 10 days after you receive the purchase. Click for more.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - Offline Payments

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